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The Ultra Tesla utilises new High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology that causes extreme muscle contractions to significantly build and sculpt muscles, resulting in a trimmer, more toned body.

Ultra Tesla


The Ultra Tesla treatment is clinically proven to increase muscle mass and definition while eliminating stubborn fat.

One-third of the body is made up of muscles, yet regular exercises only engage between 40-60% of the muscle’s full capacity, no matter how vigorous the exercise.

The Ultra Tesla electromagnetic technology engages 100% of the targeted muscle, resulting in muscle growth and fat loss.

High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology has a great depth of penetration (7cm); allowing it to target groups of muscles at a time, such as the abdomen muscles and all three gluteal muscles

Ultra Tesla

Key Features

01. Design

The sleek design of the Ultra Tesla not only makes it aesthetically pleasing but also easy to use when inputting treatment parameters, due to its 15” high-resolution adjustable touch screen.

02. Multiple Modes

The Ultra Tesla has four unique modes; two preset modes which allow simple operation, and two advanced modes which are completely customisable.

Our advanced modes allow you to adjust pulse widths to create a bespoke treatment program for your patient and their specific goals.

Ultra tesla flat and curved applicators
03. Multiple Paddle Sizes

With four paddles and two sizes, the Ultra Tesla gives you even more flexibility when treating patients. Using the most appropriate paddle for the area’s shape and size, you can easily target a wide range of muscle groups, from abs to calves.

Ultra Tesla

Our Innovative Paddles

The Ultra Tesla paddles contain a circular magnetic coil that emits magnetic pulses into the tissue, creating a magnetic field deep in the muscle.

This electromagnetic energy activates the motor neurons bypassing the brain’s motor cortex, causing involuntary contractions. You can easily target a wide range of muscle groups with four paddles and two sizes.

Ultra Tesla

Large Paddles

The large paddle produces a wide electromagnetic field which covers entire muscle groups.

This penetrates deep into the tissue, essential for efficacy on deep gluteal structures and core muscles.

Ultra Tesla large paddle

Ultra Tesla

Curved Paddles

The curved paddle provides a more focused electromagnetic field concentrating on smaller muscle groups.

Ultra Tesla curved paddle

This applicator’s curved design allows for easy placement on the smaller areas such as the biceps, triceps and calves.

Ultra Tesla

The Benefits

Safe & effective

Does not affect pain receptors or the skin

No consumables to worry about restocking

Input your settings and let the Ultra Tesla do the work

Incredible results without the need for surgery

Ultra Tesla


Ultra Tesla

Before & Afters

Ultra Tesla

Training & Support

Partnering with Sculpt Pro offers extensive benefits, providing you with industry-leading technology & foundational knowledge to help your business succeed. From ongoing clinical support to training, marketing assistance, & technical support, we have you covered.

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In-depth CPD-accredited theory and practical training delivered face-to-face or virtually is included with every device purchase.

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Clinical Support

24/7 clinical helpline, members portal access and exclusive discounts on treatment essentials are a few of our clinical support benefits.

Technical Support

Our in-house engineers are always on hand to promptly assist with your technical queries and resolve any technical issues.

Marketing Assistance

We provide free marketing material and much more via our members portal to help you promote your new treatments.

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