Sculpt Pro is thrilled to introduce to you; Lumière, the next generation in laser hair removal. With its innovative engineering, sleek design and maximum 2400W peak power, Lumière is here to revolutionise laser hair removal.


How it Works

Sculpt Pro is thrilled to introduce to you; Lumière, the next generation in laser hair removal. With its innovative engineering, sleek design and maximum 2400W peak power, Lumière is here to revolutionise laser hair removal.

Using its industry leading Trio Technology, Lumière is able to combine three laser wavelengths into each of its state-of-the-art applicators, allowing you the flexibility to treat every skin type, targeting different tissue depth and achieving incredible results.

Treatment Benefits

  • Cooling Technology
  • Safe & Deeper Penetration
  • No downtime
  • All Skin Types
  • Faster Skin Recovery
  • Permanent Result
  • High patient satisfaction rate


Lumière offers pioneering features that seamlessly work together providing quick, safe, highly efficient and comfortable treatments for all patients. Having two operating modes, Pre-set and Advanced, Lumière facilitates confident fast learning, while also allowing complete customisation for advanced technicians.

Main Features:
  • Trio Technology
  • Pulse Monitoring Intereface
  • Multiple Applicator Options
  • 12″ HD Touchscreen
  • Sub-Zero Cooling System
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Dual Applicator Capability
  • Preset & Advanced Modes



Lumière is set apart by Azure, a world-class and clinically proven new applicator which utilises Trio Technology to treat all skin types via its remarkably large 3.75cm2 spot size. The ground-breaking Azure facilitates faster, safer and more enjoyable treatments whilst never sacrificing on results.

Our Azure applicator benefits from a built-in sapphire tip which works alongside our Sub-Zero Cooling system to reach temperatures as low as -5°C, continuous contact cooling of the epidermis reduces both treatment risk and pain. During treatment, the epidermis is continuously cooled while heat is maintained within the dermis where hair follicles are targeted.

Sub-Zero Cooling System

The Lumiere features our advanced Sub-Zero Cooling System which enables our applicator to continuously cool the skin providing epidermal protection while pulses are delivered. Our Sub-Zero Cooling System provides continuous cooling to the integrated sapphire tip featured in the Azure applicator.

This technology maintains range- controlled temperature throughout the entire treatment, ensuring optimum diode efficiency and enabling a more comfortable experience for the patient.

Pulse Monitoring Technology

The ergonomic design of Azure is not only aesthetically pleasing but showcases brand-new cutting-edge technology through its Pulse Monitoring Interface. Azure’s integrated Pulse Monitoring Interface allows users to analyse in real-time precisely how many pulses are discharged via its 2” digital display.



Vortex Hand Piece

Lumière is the first three-wavelength laser platform equipped with Vortex; a high-speed vacuum assisted applicator, with a sizeable 6cm2 spot size. Vortex is expertly engineered with vacuum-assisted technology and large spot size to provide fast, painless treatments for all skin types.


Unrivalled Efficacy

The Vortex’s vacuum technology stretches the skin causing a reduction in haemoglobin, a competing chromophore to melanin, allowing laser energy to be delivered more efficiently. This method carries a greater benefit to darker skin types that contain higher concentrations of melanocytes


Faster Treatments

Having a 15mm x 40mm spot size is advantageous when it comes to covering a larger area at a faster rate.


Dual Applicator Capability

Vortex is the perfect addition to Lumière. When you choose our dual applicator option at purchase, you maximise Lumière’s capability and your flexibility when it comes to treatments, eliminating time spent on switching applicators and the need for consumables.


Treatment Safety

The proximity of the targeted area to the energy source means lower fluence is required, therefore increasing treatment safety for all skin types as the epidermis absorbs less energy.



Equipment & Accessories
  • 1 x Lumière Machine
  • 1 x Azure Hand Piece
  • 1 x Vortex Hand Piece
  • 1x Facial Piece
Starter Pack & Point of Sale
  • Laser Hair Removal & IPL Training
  • Free Delivery & Set up
  • Client Consultation Form
  • Advertising Leaflets & Flyers
  • Promotional Posters
  • Ongoing Marketing Support


The Lumiére is supplied with an extensive full day training session for you and your therapists which usually takes place at our training centre. The session will include everything you need to know about the operation of your Lumière machine and practical training.


Please use our achievable revenue tool to help forecast how much turnover and profit you can achieve per year.

The average treatment cost often varies depeding on your geographical location, so please contact us if you would like one of our specialists to carry out market research for your location.

Once you become a Sculpt Pro customer, as part of our business development strategy you will receive ongoing assistance with marketing your treatments and obtaining bookings.

On average, our customers have recouped their machine cost in 15 weeks.


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